Thursday, June 19, 2008

Derby Peregrines

What a beautiful day! Although partly cloudy the images from the cams where awesome!! Some very bright in sunshine but a second later clouds came in. Almost Dutch skies like on the paintings of the old Dutch masters. But we are in the Dales here, the most beautiful part of England no doubt about that!

So many great things where happening in front of both cams. The juvies, keep flying in and leave from the top of the cathedral. This afternoon three of them where fed by one of the parents in front of the cam. They have a little hiding place overthere behind the pilar so we can't see them. Or sometimes just part of a wing. Or one can stand just behind the cam, or in front. That happened often today: black or grey screen. They are getting more and more juvenile and loosing their last parts of down which is under the wings.

Great and I loved to see it is the bonding behaviour of the parents. Peregrines always do that after the juvies have left the nest. They repeat the courtship behaviour from before the egglaying. The male is in the scrape and starts digging bowles in the scrape. And the female comes to the scrape as well and they start to ee-chup until he leaves. It can even come to copulations! Even when the juvies are around. This is normal bonding behaviour. It is a kind of renewal of the pairbond. In a way a conformation of a succesful season together: they have fledged 4 healthy juvies and promise eachother to stay together for better for worse. Because the other one provides succesful reproduction. So no new nest , but bonding behaviour.
So do not be surprised if we see mating in front of the puddingcam.

Although coputaltions in the animal kingdom are only for reproduction, for the peregrine falcon mating is a form of bonding too. During territorial battles copulations are seen as well. And again as bonding behaviour! In a way they communicate the same: I belong to you, you are mine, I will fight for you, and I will die for you if I have too. They are special creatures peregrines are, the most wonderful ever came to form. They are amazing in every way.

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