Monday, March 23, 2009

Derby First Egg!!

This evening at 21:27 the Derby Falcon laid her first egg. I thought she would so I put the autocapture on. So I caught it all. Congratulations to the Derby Project Team!! And to all who watch the Derby Peregrine Falcons around the globe. It's wonderful!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Derby Peregrine Falcons by Colin Pass

This evening I received these absolutely amazing photo's of the Derby Peregrine couple made by Colin Pass today. He told me he expects the falcon will lay within the next 60 hours. He sure knows his way around Peregrine falcons, so we'd better keep a close eye on the Derby Nestbox the next couple of days! Colin thank you so very very much for these superb pics! There are more which I will post tomorrow!

De Mortel: 4th egg!

This morning at 06:45 S2 laid her 4th and final egg for this season. With intervals of 57-58-57 hours she laid right on the clock! Brooding started by the book after the 3th egg, so we should expect first hatch at arounfd April 19!

X-cell Sherco Plant


Lansing Michigan

Egg-Hatch-Fledge table 2009

Zwolle: 4th egg

AEB Amsterdam

Sussex Heights Peregrines